Our uDialogue project has announced two types of the state-of-the-art spoken dialogue systems that will be available on your Android smartphones or be available via Skype. The first Android app is a standalone application, which work without accessing wifi or 3G. Even if you don't have any Android smartphones, you can talk to "Mei chan", which is a name of 3D character of our spoken dialogue systems, via Skype from your PC, Mac, and iPhone/iPad. Our spoken dialogue systems are able to provide you various information of Nagoya Institute of Technology wherever you are on the university campus or at home – you can ask her where the lecture building is and the detailed information of lectures which you want to attend etc. 

CREST symposium was held at Kyoto University Clock Tower Centennial Hall, Kyoto, Japan.
The symposium features invited talks on frontier topics in speech, music, and signal processing.
Sessions are organized by principal investigators of four different CREST projects together with IEEE SPS DL program.


CREST uDialogue project's plenary meeting was held.

- Speech Processing Laboratory, Nagoya Institute of Technology : 9
- Information Technology Center, Nagoya Institute of Technology : 3
- The Centre for Speech Technology Research, The university of Edinburgh : 3